Gulf Shores High School Senior Pictures - The treasures of Southern Alabama

Southern Alabama is rich in agriculture, gleaming with white sandy beaches, glistening with blue emerald waters and even showcases a gorgeous downtown city life radiating historic French and Spanish architecture. The melting pot of rural, city and beach life in such a small area is Alabama's best kept secret!

Southern Snow - fields of cotton

Every fall in South Alabama we get our own version of snow. No you can't make a snowman or snow angel or even throw snowballs; its a visual "snow". No matter if we are taking a Sunday drive or going to walmart we are blessed to witness miles and miles of white balls of cotton resulting in what we call "southern snow". It is a beauty I will take with me throughout my life; This beauty cannot be explained but has to be experienced. Its a surreal beauty and I encourage everyone to take a trip down south, travel some of our country roads, slow down and take in the beauty. 

Cotton pictures are quintessential of all southern photo shoots and as any Southern high schooler we had to incorporate our southern snow in Megan's High School Senior portraits. Of course Megan had to show off her "ALABAMA ROLL TIDE" shirt where she will attend next fall.
Always easy,  always fun, always beautiful, always a favorite: Our Southern Snow -

Snider Cotton Boquet Beach Portraits1.jpg

MOBILE, ALABAMA  - est. 1702
Fort Louis de la Mobile

"Mobile was established in 1702 by the French and later occupied by then Britain, and lastly Spain." Mobile's architectural style is similar to New Orleans as they were both founded as "brother cities" by the French Bienville brothers. Mobile's "architectural styles are "French, Spanish, British, Creole, Catholic, Greek and African""  

This brings us to our city session! I'll always have a love for New Orleans; being born and raised on the bayous of South Louisiana so when I have the pleasure of visiting Mobile I am comforted by the sheer similarity of the two cities; it makes me feel at home. But I rarely get to visit either of them for one I live at the beach and two most of my clients want beach pictures. (no complaints of course :) so I was super happy that Megan was game for an hour trip to Mobile! It was surprisingly quiet for a weekday and I even got to lay in the middle of the road for a second (my signature pose; it always shocks my clients lol) And even though we didn't get one of my laying in the road Megan snapped one of me on the sidewalk lol. I enjoy my job a little to much sometimes.  Here are some of our treasure from the day!

You can even See a Mardi Gras Bead hanging from the balcony!

rebecca working bkwt.jpg

Laying on the street

yep dats the crazy cajun!


Alabama's best kept secret is out! Did you know alabama has beaches that look just like the florida panhandle? Most of us living outside of Alabama had no idea and would vacation in florida and it Wasn't util i moved to mobile that i found out alabama has beaches too. And they are beautiful! 60 miles of white sandy beaches looking out at the blue and emerald warm waters of the gulf of mexico. what a paradise! 

And Of Course Every Gulf Shores High School Senior has to take a picture at the beach! we didn't have to go far to get some breathtaking pictures. Our spot was at Alabama point east; sometimes called perdido pass. (it has a few names) 
Amazing skies, a touch of wind and the just the right amount of sunset to create studio like perfection!