Monarch Butterfly in Pensacola, Florida

Hello my fellow beach lovers, 
My latest venture is capturing stunning landscape and nature photographs during the slower months. This past weekend we drifted over to Pensacola, Florida for a nature walk where we were absorbed in beautiful flowers, trees, and wildlife. As if the scene weren’t perfect enough, we were also surrounded by 100s of extraordinarily colorful butterflies. I had to take this opportunity to test my nature photography, and decided that this is something I can do with beach photography. I'm no expert but I’m pretty sure this is a Monarch and what a beauty he is! Because my passion is beach photography my landscape album will consist of photos of the beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama, gulf shores  Alabama, perdidio, Florida, Pensacola Beach, Florida, the gulf coast beach, Alabama Beaches and florida beaches. All the photos in my landscape album are free since I love giveaways! So, download and share today! Please visit
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