Pano Shot of Boquet Beach Portraits Office View

I am in awe every time I step on the white powder sand. I am in awe of the colors in the sky. I am in awe of the emerald green and dark blues of the water. I am in awe of the green moss covered rocks that make up the jetty. I am in awe every time I walk on the long boardwalk. How thankful I am that this is my view almost every afternoon. How thankful I am that I can see the colors that are painted in the sky. Everywhere I look is beauty, everywhere I look are colors, everywhere I look brings a smile to my face, everywhere I look I am in awe..... 

How simply break-taking is this view of "The Pass" Alabama Point East, Orange Beach, Alabama. This is where I bring my clients to photograph their memories and every time we turn the corner and they see this view they are so glad I brought them here. 

(taken with pano setting in iPhone camera app)