Olivia Senior Pictures / Southern Wheat Field / Gulf Shores


High School Senior Southern Pictures in a Wheat Field - Jean Jacket and Floppy Hat - Boquet Beach portraits 

One of the most significant events in our life is the passage from high school to the “real world.” Whether that be college; a job; or an adventure, the journey it took to get you to that moment was substantial in every way. Senior portraits encompass all of life’s joys, triumphs, hopefulness, and passions. The world is literally in the palm of their fingertips waiting to be experienced. I love being able to photograph seniors; to be surrounded by young, fresh, hopeful, passionate, courageous, inspiring, and full of life people. They’re inspiration inspires me! And Olivia is one of those people. 

 high school senior wheat field quote - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama

high school senior wheat field quote - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama

My favorite attribute of senior portraits is the genuine excitement that is emanating from the each senior. They are so enthused to share their past experiences from high school, and want to expose those accomplishments to the world. It is awe inspiring to capture these moments because we often forget how to be proud ourselves. High school is tough and so is life. Seniors embrace that toughness and are courageous to the very end. When one door closes, another one opens.

SanRoc Cay Entertainment District and Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama

During my session with Olivia, the first location I chose was the elegant and prestigious San Roc in Orange Beach. The gorgeous stone columns and elegant staircase were a perfect match for Olivia’s classic personality. Her southern charm was able to shine in this timeless venue. The entire photo shoot was like watching a ballet with the beautiful grace of the Olivia and the stunning background. We were swept away by the ambiance of the venue because it was so enchanting. Her photos truly resemble a work of art to be cherished for years to come. The combination of elegance, grace and an old-fashioned background truly exemplifies the driven nature of Olivia. To show her true sophistication, Olivia wore a black formal gown that added a sort of regalness to the entire shoot. 

High School Senior Orange Beach Alabama Elegant Gown with Columns

Southern Wheat Field - Silverhill, Alabama

My second location was a wheat field located in Silverhill, Alabama. And nothing says “Southern Charm” than a gorgeous wheat field as the background of your portraits. The way the sun hits the blades of wheat in a most glorious way that creates a shimmer of gold in every photo. This was so complimentary to Olivia’s flowy white dress, and southern blue jean jacket (What a classic look!). And as a southern lady, she wore that wide brimmed floppy hat with sass. I chose this location and outfit because Olivia is not only refined but fun, silly, and light-hearted. Her beautiful smile is now an everlasting work of art that signifies her turning of the page into college. 

high school senior wheat field pictures - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama

high school senior wheat field excitement - boquet beach portraits - silverhill alabama 

high school senior wheat field - boquet beach portraits - silverhill alabama 

high school senior wheat field close up

high school senior wheat field close up - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama

Olivia is a young lady with so many admiring attributes. Some of my favorite things about her is her passion in horseback riding, photography, painting, and swimming. If that isn’t enough, she wants to be a trauma surgeon or an Emergency Room physician. She is graduating from high school as an EMT-Basic and will begin EMT-Advanced this summer. In the fall, she will be attending the University of South Alabama as a biomedical science major. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her and I am so happy that I was able to capture this shinning end to an amazing chapter. 

nurse doctor emt - boquet beach portraits - orange beach alabama

Life is all about beginnings and ends, but we must remember to focus on those significant parts in-between. We must remember what it was like to be a senior who could not wait to start life and understand everything. When you go to gulf shores, look out to the horizon and remember these dreams. Remember what you wanted for yourself when you were on the cusp of beginning life. The ocean is still there. Now, you just need to brave the waters and start your journey.

 high school senior pictures chalkboard - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama - wheat field

high school senior pictures chalkboard - boquet beach portraits - silverhill, alabama - wheat field

Monarch Butterfly in Pensacola, Florida

Hello my fellow beach lovers, 
My latest venture is capturing stunning landscape and nature photographs during the slower months. This past weekend we drifted over to Pensacola, Florida for a nature walk where we were absorbed in beautiful flowers, trees, and wildlife. As if the scene weren’t perfect enough, we were also surrounded by 100s of extraordinarily colorful butterflies. I had to take this opportunity to test my nature photography, and decided that this is something I can do with beach photography. I'm no expert but I’m pretty sure this is a Monarch and what a beauty he is! Because my passion is beach photography my landscape album will consist of photos of the beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama, gulf shores  Alabama, perdidio, Florida, Pensacola Beach, Florida, the gulf coast beach, Alabama Beaches and florida beaches. All the photos in my landscape album are free since I love giveaways! So, download and share today! Please visit
Password: Boquet Beach Portraits

Lette Family Beach Portraits - Boquet Beach Portraits

This Family Was So Sweet. A Dad And All His Girls; The Love, The Family, Such Beauty In This Family. I Love Seeing Such Closeness Between Sisters And With Parents. A Beautiful Family And Beautiful Evening. Our Family Portrait Session Was Taken At The Beautiful Beaches In Orange Beach Alabama. Photographer Rebecca Boquet With Boquet Beach Portraits

Beach Portraits with the Rumsey Family - Boquet Beach Portraits Orange Beach Alabama

These guys are some of my favorite people! They hired me to photograph their wedding a few years ago and have come back every year for me to capture more memories of their growing family. I'm so glad I'm able to see them every year and maybe one day they'll make the move to Orange Beach, Alabama permanently! (fingers crossed)

Pano Shot of Boquet Beach Portraits Office View

I am in awe every time I step on the white powder sand. I am in awe of the colors in the sky. I am in awe of the emerald green and dark blues of the water. I am in awe of the green moss covered rocks that make up the jetty. I am in awe every time I walk on the long boardwalk. How thankful I am that this is my view almost every afternoon. How thankful I am that I can see the colors that are painted in the sky. Everywhere I look is beauty, everywhere I look are colors, everywhere I look brings a smile to my face, everywhere I look I am in awe..... 

How simply break-taking is this view of "The Pass" Alabama Point East, Orange Beach, Alabama. This is where I bring my clients to photograph their memories and every time we turn the corner and they see this view they are so glad I brought them here. 

(taken with pano setting in iPhone camera app)

The Lovely Schuelke Family from Luling, Texas - Orange Beach, Alabama

This family... Wow, they have some great kids and so photogenic! It was my pleasure to photograph this lovely family from Luling Texas. The kids are so cute and super easy family. 

Fair Family Beach Portraits - Orange Beach Alabama

What an adventures day we had at the day this afternoon! Taken at the Alabama point east, The pass, in Orange Beach, Alabama. We were able to get all our shots in before the skies opened up and rained on our "parade". I have never experience a sand-clone until this day. I will remember this session forever. We can laugh about it now for sure!

The Scoggins Family from Brandon, Mississippi - Orange Beach, Alabama

What a perfect evening for a family beach session of this great family from Brandon, Mississippi.
Photographed at Alabama point east in Orange Beach, Alabama

Graham Family Portraits Orange Beach Alabama - The Pass

Photographed at the beautiful white sandy beaches at Alabama Point East in Orange Beach Alabama, the Graham family was all smiles during our easy breezy casual family beach photography session. 

Conner Family Beach Session Gulf Shores Alabama

Our family beach session was taken down west beach blvd in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was the perfect evening with blue skies and the sun peaking through the clouds. You just can't ask for a more beautiful evening. Thank you Conner family for choosing Boquet Beach Portraits to capture your memories. 

Farrill Family Lagoon Ave, Gulf Shores/The Pass Orange Beach Alabama - Boquet Beach Portraits

Sometimes you just get rained on.....

But we made decided to make lemonade from lemons and got some great shots from it! We started out taking family beach pictures at the beautiful pass in Orange Beach Alabama but the threatening thunderstorms ran us off the beaches. We were able to get a few shots in but we were rushed and decided to re-do the Farrill's family beach session at their private beach house on Lagoon Ave in Gulf Shores, Alabama the next day.

Wow, the scenery was breathtaking! So colorful, greens, pinks, yellows, blues; we found a gem! I'm so excited we got rained out and had to retake the Farrill's family pictures; and I'm super excited I got to experience the beauty of their private home. Next time you get rained on look for the rainbow!

A beautiful Couple on their Wedding Day! Boquet Beach Portraits - Orange Beach Gulf Shores Alabama

As some of your know I am originally from Houma, louisiana and often travel back home. However I was a little surprised when I received a call from Montegut, Louisiana. This lovely lady said she wanted me to photograph her and her fiancé on their special day. She had looked around at local photographers but really liked my work. I had photographed her sisters wedding and she didn't want anyone else. So.... Of course I would! What an honor:) A quick 4 hour drive from my home in Orange Beach, Alabama and we were ready for their special day. The pictures were taken outside of Houma's beautiful courthouse on a perfect overcast day. Two of her family members got to join in on the fun holding my diffuser when the sun would peak through the clouds. Wedding days are always such a happy day. Here are is one of my favorite images from their day. Congratulations Candy and Guy!

Class of 2017! Book Now for Senior Discounted Sessions - Gulf Shores Orange Beach Alabama

So much fun we can have at the beaches here in gulf shores and orange beach alabama with your 2017 Senior portraits. Call now to book your session or add it on to a family beach session for only $50 more. 

The Jetty at Orange Beaches Perdido Pass - Isn't it gorgeous?

My favorite place to bring my clients is to Orange Beach's Perdido Pass. It is a bit of a walk down the boardwalk (10 minutes at a leisurely pace - yes I timed it) but it is absolutely worth the walk. The sand is so white and almost like powder. The beauty of the emerald waters is breath-taking. In addition to the water and sand are the big rocks which are great for pictures! 

Orange Beach Rocks Senior